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ABB PMU Expansion Board

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PMU Expansion Board




Connect the inverter to local LAN network

ABB PMU Expansion Board


A single PMU expansion board can be used to control the PMU functions and to monitor the system on a single RS485 line within multi-inverter installations. With the PMU expansion board, it is possible to manage the active and reactive power and to:

  • Connect up to 4 configurable analogue sensors and a PT100/PT1000 sensor to monitor the system’s environmental conditions. The board has 4 analogue inputs which may be used for PMU functions (active power limitation/reactive power management) or for the connection of environmental sensors. If the AN3 and AN4 analogue inputs are used for PMU functions, they will not be available for the connection of sensors. 
  • Power such sensors with the 16 V DC output





 ABB PMU Expansion Board - Quick Installation Guide

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