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ABB PVI 4.6-I-OUTD (S) Isolated

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ABB PVI-4.6-I-OUTD (S) Isolated

1-phase isolated PV inverter 4.6kW (230V/50Hz)


The isolated PV inverters are optimized for use in any application that requires PV array grounding, such as some thin-film modules. This inverter is designed for operating in all major countries and regions with specific grid codes, setups and display languages.

The 3.8 and 4.6kW isolated PV solar inverters have all the usual Aurora series benefits, including dual input section to process two strings with independent MPPT, high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real-time power tracking and energy harvesting, as well as regular high performance efficiencies of up to 96.8%. The wide input voltage range makes the inverter suitable to low power installations with reduced string size. The high frequency isolated topology allows lightweight and compact size, helpful also for transportation and installation. The inverter is free of electrolytic capacitors, for longer product lifetime. This rugged outdoor-inverter (IP65) is in completely sealed construction, withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Available versions (this model):


ABB PVI 4.6-I-OUTD (basic version)

ABB PVI 4.6-I-OUTD-S (with DC switch)

(please choose in the price section)

Available PVI isolated models (1-phase inverters)


ABB PVI 2.5-I-OUTD (S) isolated

ABB PVI 3.8-I-OUTD (S) isolated 

ABB PVI 4.6-I-OUTD (S) isolated



 ABB PVI-4.6 I-OUTD/S Isolated - Datasheet

 ABB PVI-4.6 I-OUTD/S Isolated - Instruction manual for the installer

 ABB PVI-4.6 I-OUTD/S Isolated - Declaration of CE conformity


 ABB PVI-4.6 I-OUTD/S Isolated - Resetting the "grid standard", setting lock

 ABB PVI-4.6 I-OUTD/S Isolated - Isolation control and grounding method description

 ABB UNO/PVI/TRIO - Declaration about not supporting the grid voltage in case of missing grid

 ABB UNO/PVI/TRIO - Supplementary ground connection of inverter metal chassis

 ABB UNO/PVI/TRIO - Values of impedance at 175Hz

 ABB UNO/PVI/TRIO - Energy absorbtion

 ABB UNO/PVI/TRIO - Conformity of Aurora inverters to Guideline UTE C 15-712-1

 ABB UNO/PVI/TRIO - EU manufacturing certificate (Made in EU confirmation)

 ABB "Aurora Communicator" - user manual


Technical Data

PV Inverter ABB PVI-4.6-I-OUTD (S) Isolated
Number of Independent MPPT 2
AC Rated Power 4600 W
AC System Voltage 230V
DC Maximum Input Voltage 520V (Absolute Maximum)
DC Start-Up Input Voltage 200V (adjustable range 120-350 V)
DC Operating Input Voltage 0.7 x V (start) up to 520V
DC Rated Input Power 4800 W
DC Maximum Input Power 3000 W (each MPPT)
DC Input Voltage Range 180-470V (each MPPT)
DC Maximum Input Current 28A (14A each MPPT)
DC Max Input Isc 22A (each MPPT)
DC Connection Type Tool Free PV Connector WM / MC4
AC Grid Connection Type Single Phase
AC Rated Power 4600 W
AC Maximum Output Power 5000 W
AC Rated Grid Voltage 230V
AC Voltage Range 180-264V (depending on country grid standard)
AC Rated Output Frequency 50 Hz (adjustable range 47-53 Hz)
AC Maximum Output Current 22.5A
AC Maximum Overcurrent Protection 25A
Maximum Efficiency (ηmax) 96.8%
Weighted Efficiency (EURO) 96.5%
Stand-by Consumption <8W
User Interface Graphic LCD Display
Relative Humidity 0-100% condensing
Max Operating Altitude 2000m / 6560ft (above this level derating)
Protection Class IP65 (Outdoor)
Isolation Level Transformerless
Cooling Natural
Dimensions 712x325x222mm, 24 kg
Warranty 5 Years

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