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ABB PVI-AEC-EVO Datalogger

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Data Logger replaced by:

ABB VSN 700-01 (up to 5 ABB inverters)
ABB VSN 700-03 (up to 10 ABB inverters)
ABB VSN 700-05 (all ABB inverters)

New data logger already available, contact us for price info.



ABB data logger and monitoring

ABB PVI-AEC-EVO (optionally as LIGHT version)


The ABB Easy Control PVI-AEC-EVO system offers customers the ability to monitor the most ABB string inverters, in any PV or wind installation performance from a remote location using either an Ethernet/Internet connection or mobile phone technology (GSM). The PVI-AEC-EVO (optionally as LIGHT version) is compatible with the ABB Vision Web Portal or can storage the data internally in the SD-Card. 

PV system performance and information energy yields, power, voltage and current data are available in real-time. Users will benefit from this monitoring unit’s and its very high speed updates. Its modular design allows for future expansion with further features created using add-on modules. You can link up to 128 devices with the Aurora Easy Control EVO system using RS485 communication port data. This flexible monitoring system can be linked to a wide range of devices, including mobile phone, any online or Bluetooth device.

Basic system architecture

  • ABB/-Inverter-RS-485 next Inverter-RS485  (up to 65/5 units)  PVI-AEC-EVO AURORA-VISION-PORTAL or GPRS-MODEM or locally over CD-Card/USB

Key advantages

Data logger for ABB inverters and balance-of-system components

Internet communication with ABB performance monitoring and management system Aurora Vision Prime

connects up to 128 Power-One devices using RS485 communications for low-frequency data sampling

collects performance information such as energy yields, power, voltage and inverter status.

Available models 


ABB PVI-AEC-EVO (for up to 64x ABB string inverters)

ABB PVI-AEC-EVO-LIGHT (for up to 5 ABB string inverters, not compatible with TRIO-20.0/27.6 !)


 / user / pvshopeu    ABB Micro - Aurora Easy View Presentation



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ABB PVI-AEC-EVO - Datasheet

 ABB PVI-AEC-EVO - Declaration of CE conformity

 ABB PVI-AEC-EVO - Quick Installation Guide

 ABB PVI-AEC-GPRS - qiuck installation guide


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