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1-phase PV solar inverter 2.0kW (230V/50Hz)

The Power-One PV solar inverters UNO-series are single phase string inverters within the Aurora product family. The smallest of outdoor inverters, has the right size for an small PV installation. This rugged outdoor inverter has been designed, as a completely sealed unit to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

The inverter has new features including a special built-in heat sink compartment and an front panel display system. The high speed MPPT offers real-time power tracking and improved energy harvesting. Despite the isolated operation, the UNO-2.0-I features an efficiency of 96.3%. The wide input voltage range makes the inverter suitable to low power installations with reduced string size.

Available versions (this model):


ABB UNO 2.0-I-OUTD (basic version)

ABB UNO 2.0-I-OUTD-S (with DC switch)





 ABB Uno 2.0-I-OUTD (S) - Datasheet

 ABB Uno 2.0-I-OUTD (S) - Instruction manual for the installer

 ABB Uno 2.0-I-OUTD (S) - Declaration of CE conformity

 ABB Uno 2.0-I-OUTD (S) - Resetting the "Grid Standard" setting lock

 ABB Uno 2.0-I-OUTD (S) - Isolation control and grounding description (HF-isolated string inverter)

 ABB Uno 2.0-I-OUTD (S) - Energy absorption (Power-One aurora string inverter)

 ABB Uno 2.0-I-OUTD (S) - Grid parallel operation (Power-One aurora string inverter)


Technical Data

PV Inverter ABB UNO-2.0-I-OUTD (S)
Number of Independent MPPT 1
AC Rated Power 2000 W
AC System Voltage 230V
DC Maximum Input Voltage 520V (Absolute Maximum)
DC Start-Up Input Voltage 200V (adjustable range 120-350 V)
DC Operating Input Voltage 0.7 x V (start) up to 520V
DC Rated Input Power 2100 W
DC Maximum Input Power 2300 W (each MPPT)
DC Input Voltage Range 200-470V (each MPPT)
DC Maximum Input Current 10A (each MPPT)
DC Max Input Isc 15A (each MPPT)
DC Connection Type Tool Free PV Connector WM / MC4
AC Grid Connection Type Single Phase
AC Rated Power 2000 W
AC Maximum Output Power 2200 W
AC Rated Grid Voltage 230V
AC Voltage Range 180-264V (depending on country grid standard)
AC Maximum Output Current 10A
AC Maximum Overcurrent Protection 15A
Maximum Efficiency (ηmax) 96.3%
Weighted Efficiency (EURO) 95.0%
Stand-by Consumption <8W (Night Time Consumption <0.6W)
User Interface Graphic LCD Display
Relative Humidity 0-100% condensing
Max Operating Altitude 2000m / 6560ft (above this level derating)
Protection Class IP65 (Outdoor)
Isolation Level HF Transformer
Cooling Natural
Dimensions 518x367x161mm, 17 kg
Warranty 5 Years

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