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ABB VSN300 Wifi Logger Card

ABB VSN300 Wifi Logger Card
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WiFi monitoring for ABB`s UNO & TRIO string inverters

ABB VSN300 Wifi Logger Card


The VSN300 Wifi Logger Card is a new, advanced expansion board for ABB’s UNO and TRIO string inverters which provides residential and commercial users with an advanced and cost-effective solution for monitoring and controlling their photovoltaic system.

The VSN300 Wifi Logger Card is easy to install, for new and most existing string inverters by using the inverter’s internal expansion slot.

The built-in IP networking connectivity and innovative Wi-Fi commissioning techniques enable this card to be easily configured for most Wi-Fi networks and access points without installing any additional external devices.



Key advantages


  • The Wi-Fi Certified™ mark assures interoperability with IEEE 802.11b/g/n networks over the 2.4GHz band 
  • Easily installed on new and existing UNO and TRIO string inverters 
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) support 
  • Local, remote monitoring in one solution 
  • High performance non-volatile data logging 
  • High-speed inverter data exchange through Hyperlink (where available) 
  • Modbus TCP server for SCADA integration 
  • SunSpec certified Modbus mapping for easy integration
  • Secured and encrypted data transfer to Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform




 ABB VSN300 - Datasheet

 ABB VSN300 - Manual

 ABB VSN300 - Quick installation quide

 ABB VSN300 - Inverter compatibility matrix

 ABB VSN300 - Declaration of CE conformity

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