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AEconversion INV-250-45EU (230V/50Hz) Micro Inverter

AEconversion INV-250-45EU (230V/50Hz) Micro Inverter
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250W PV solar micro-inverter (230V/50Hz)

AEconversion INV-250-45EU (DCmax 250W/45V)

Made in Germany
  by AEconversion micro-inverter INV250-45EU are designed for residential and commercial grid-tied solar applications. Each micro-inverter, connected to an single PV panel performs DC to AC power (230V/50Hz). Through the individual conversion at each PV panel, the sun energy can ideally be used. Brings high efficiency and flexibility in system design. The INV-250-45EU micro-inverter allows to connect up to 250Wp PV solar panel with max 45Voc. Do not exceed the allowed connectable voltage (appears as Voc) under any circumstances, applies to all inverters and PV charge controller.

In systems with central or string inverters, the series connection of PV panels often causes energy losses. If the performance from a single PV panel drops, for example through shading or mismatching, it reduces the performance of the whole string. This problem is solved by micro inverters, because every PV panel work independently, for highest possible energy yield.

Key advantages

Made in Germany, available in two main 50Hz and 60Hz typologies

DC max PV input power up to 250Wp (Pmax), voltage up to 45V (Voc), current up to 11A (Isc)

AC max output power 240Wac (230V/50Hz), adjustable V/Hz according local standards

Adjustable nominal AC voltage range: 184-264V and 47.5-51.5Hz (optionally available as 60Hz versions)

Possible minimal PV system size: based on 1x micro-inverter and single PV panel

No additional components required (in the "no-com" version)

Based on MC4 standard connectors, easy and modular expandable at any time

Disconnects automatically when missing the local grid.

Important (!)

According to the VDE-AR-N 4105 in all AEconversion micro-inverters the  monitoring switching device (MSD) is already integrated. This ensures that each inverter separates itself (switch off) from the power source during a power outage or network disconnection (when missing local grid). MSD also prevents island formation and feeding back the PV electricity into the local grid, which could possibly lead to dangerous consequences. Besides a performance and system protection, the AEconversion Micro-Inverter does not need further monitoring or shut down devices. This simplifies every installation and reduces installation time and costs.

Available versions (this model)


INV-250/45-EU-PLC (Powerline)

Available models

INV-250/45-EU (NoCom/PLC)

INV-350/60-EU (NoCom/PLC)

INV-350/90-EU (RS485/PLC)

INV-500/90-EU (RS485/PLC)

Available for these countries

Please see above in the price section 
availability of country grid-codes (configurations). Other countries also available, please check (ask us) before ordering. Before delivery, each micro-inverter need to be programmed for the national grid-code. Programming by the manufacturer take around 1 week time.

Description of available communications versions

No communication

Micro-inverters without communication(NoCom) should are used in situations where the monitoring of the PV system is not necessary, it is also the cheapest, simplest and most wanted system design. The system monitoring can be done by simple and common available AC energy meter (230V/50Hz), installed behind the micro-inverters. If precise metering and data-logger (day by day) required, please use one of the next solutions.  

PLC (Powerline)   see diagram

Summary: communication over existing AC-lines via 230V power plugs at home/office/factory, within the same network and before energy meter (inverter<>PLC-gateway<>datalogger<>PC).

PV solar micro inverter INV Series with PLC (Powerline) CommunicationAdvantage of this type of communication is that the communication is implemented by using the existing AC lines and thus makes additional connectors or cabling for the inverter unnecessary. Each micro inverter is connected via DC wiring (blue line) to an PV module. The DC current is then converted to grid compatible AC power, without affecting the performance of other PV modules. Through the AC lines (green line) the micro inverter can be connected to an AC circuit of about ten inverters. All created AC circuits (strings) are connected to the Powerline Gateway. The Power Gateway provides an connection for grid compatible AC power with the network at home/office/factory, and communicate performance data to the data logger. In this way each inverter is connected with datalogger (black line). The collected data are stored in the data logger, and forwarded to the monitoring station, typically an PC and can be visualized using any internet browser.

Why PV solar micro inverters?

See our short guide about micro inverters advantages.


 Monitoring software AEsolar v1.5 and manual (10MB)

 Country Overview

 Technical Data Overview


 Manuals INV 250-45-EU

 Manuals INV EU-50Hz NoCom version

 Manuals INV EU-50Hz PLC (powerline) version



 Datasheet INV 250-45-EU


 Brochure INV product overview


Technical Data

Model PV solar micro-inverter INV250-45 AEConversion
DC max power 250W
DC max voltage 45V
DC operating voltage 18-45V
DC MPPT operating voltage 20-40V
DC max current 11A
AC power max 240W
AC voltage 230V
AC voltage range 184V ... 264V
AC frequency 50.0Hz
AC frequency range 47.5Hz ... 51.5Hz
AC nominal current 1.0A
AC power factor > 0.99
Peak inverter efficiency 93.5%
CEC efficiency 92.6%
Nominal MPPT efficiency 99.8%
Operating temperature -25°C ... +70°C
Night power consumption 30 mW
Max altitude a.s.l. 2000m
Safety class Class I
Dimensions 314x 267x66.5 mm
Weight 2.5kg
Protection class IP65 Outdoor
Enclosure material Aluminum
ENS (Monitoring) Integraded
Communication versions No Communication / PLC Powerline
Warranty 5 years producer warranty

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