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Phocos CIS-MPPT 50/10 Waterproof Controller (12/24V)

Phocos CIS-MPPT 50/10
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Phocos CIS-MPPT 50/10




Phocos CIS-MPPT 50/10 
Maximum Power Point Tracker, 12/24V, 10/10A, IP68, timer, max. panel 50V

MPPT waterproof solar charge controller, for 12/24V solar systems

Compatible within CIS-series (IP68) and CIS-CU, MXI-IR, CISCOM


For industrial application

highest efficiency, up to 98% in charging process

ready for extreme conditions (IP68) waterproof

max DC input 50V and 10A

integrated 2-years datalogger

With innovative maximum power point tracking technology, this Phocos MPP tracker ensures maximum performance and yield from a variety of solar systems.

The use of MPPT technology can contribute to a considerable boost in power output from PV modules (up to 30% more). Especially in moderate/colder climate areas where PV module voltages tend to be higher. At the same time, the temperature-compensated, three-stage I-U curve charge control algorithm significantly extends battery lifespan.

The integrated datalogger (2 years period) provides an insight into system performance, displaying important information such as system status, voltage, current, SOC, etc..

Perfect for all PV solar outdoor commercial applications, withstands hardest outdoor conditions in: PV solar street lights and park lights, in commercial measuring and control systems.


Key advantages


waterproof (IP68) 1.5m for 72h

industrial MPPT solar charge controller

suitable for big PV panels (up to 50V/10A)

Max. panel voltage: 50V (Voc)

Max. panel current: 10A (Isc)

connectible with up to 150/300Wp (PV generator) in 12/24V systems

outstanding system efficiency, up to 98%

integrated 2-years data-logger (requires MXI-IR interface)

full encapsulated housing provides waterproof protection (IP68 protection class)

intelligent timer and dimming functions

smallest size in its power class, fits everywhere


programmable with: CIS-CU and MXI-IR (available optionally)


Optional available


CISCOM Software

CISCOM configuration software for CIS-controllers, quick and easy configuration of individual load-time and system components. The CISCOM requires the MXI-IR interface for communication between PC and the CIS-controller.

CISCOM Software download ZIP-file (3MB) + MXI-IR drivers

CISCOM Manual download PDF-file (2MB)





 Phocos CIS-MPPT 50/10 - Datasheet

 Phocos CIS-MPPT 50/10 - User manual

 Phocos CIS-MPPT 50/10 - CE declaration of conformity


Product matrix of the Phocos-CIS series
Available versions   CIS 05
CIS 10
CIS 20
  CIS-2L 05
CIS-2L 10
CIS-2L 20
  CIS-N 05
CIS-N 10
CIS-N 20
  CIS-N-2L 05
CIS-N-2L 10
CIS-N-2L 20
  CIS-LED 05   CIS-MPPT 75/20
Controller type   PWM   PWM   PWM   PWM   PWM   MPPT
Waterproof (IP68)   X   X   X   X   X   X
System voltage   12/24V   12/24V   12/24V   12/24V   12V   12/24V
Battery type   GEL, Acid   GEL, Acid   GEL, Acid   GEL, Acid   GEL, Acid   GEL, Acid
Max current (A)*   5/10/20A   5/10/20A   5/10/20A   5/10/20A   5A   20A
Max panel voltage (V)**   42/52V   42/52V   42/52V   42/52V   42V   75V
Overcharge protection   X   X   X   X   X   X
Deep discharge protection   X   X   X   X   X   X
Compatible with CIS-CU   X   X   X   X   X   X
Compatible with MXI-IR   X   X   X   X   X   X
Compatible with CISCOM   X   X   X   X   X   X
Grounding possible (on line)   (+)   (+)   (-)   (-)   (+)   (-)
Loads controlled   single load   dual loads   single load   dual loads   single load   single load
Dimmable   X       X       X   X
Datalogger (2 years data)                       X
LED driver                   X    
Size (mm)   82x58x20   82x58x20   82x58x20   82x58x20   82x93x20   130x150x45
Weight    150g   150g   150g   150g   210g   1050g

* Depends on version. The max current appears as panel/generator (Isc).
** In 12/24V battery systems. The max voltage appears as panel/generator (Voc).

Infrared remote controller
CIS-CU available optionally.
Infrared PC/CIS communication interface MXI-IR available optionally.
Setting software CISCOM + MXI-IR driver free available.

Why to use MPPT charge controller ?

They are two fundamental reasons: system efficiency and applicable for big PV panels.

Because they allow PV modules to operate at their higher optimum voltage in varying light conditions: summer, winter, morning, noon, cloudy etc. The MPPT charge controller takes the voltage output of the solar panels and compares it to the battery voltage. It figures out what is the best voltage to get maximum current (A) into the battery. Or said in another way, the MPPT controller tracks the best voltage level and then down converts it to the voltage of batteries. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller calculates in real-time the optimal charging parameters, continuously by its internal algorithmMPPT tracking of the optimal power point, improves performance by as much as 30% (annual energy production), compared with the PWN charge controller. 
PWM (Pulse Wide Modulation) charge controller, works based on 1/2/3 or 4-stage charging method (switching between constant stages according to the occurring PV voltage and current).

The MPPT charge controller are most effective in following conditions:

in cold weather, cloudy or hazy days (fall/winter/spring) and in low temperature conditions. PV module works better at cold temperatures and MPPT is utilized to extract the maximum power available from the module

when battery is deeply discharged: MPPT can extract more current (A) and charge the battery, if the state of charge in the battery is lower.

Technical Data

Product Phocos CIS-MPPT 50/10 (10A)
Type Industrial Solar Charge Controller
System Photovoltaic Systems
Function Deep discharge, overvoltage, undervoltage protection
Batteries GEL, AGM, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Charging Mode MPPT
Nominal Voltage 12/24V automatic detection
Max. charge current 10A
Float charge 13.8/27.6V (25°C)
Main charge 14.4/28.8V (25°C) 30min (daily)
Boost charge 14.4/28.8V (25°C) 2h activation: battery voltage <12.3/24.6V
Equalization 14.8/29.6V (25°C), 2h activation: battery voltage < 12.1/24.2V (at least every 30 days)
Max. panel voltage 50V (Voc)
Deep discharge protection Deep discharge protection: 11.4 - 11.9 / 22.8 - 23.8 V by SOC | Cut-off voltage: 11.0 / 22.0 V by voltage | Reconnect level: 12.8/25.6 V
Overvoltage protection 15.5/31.0V
Undervoltage protection 10.5/21.0V
Temperature compensation -4 mV/cell*K
Self consumption < 10mA
Grounding positive grounding
Ambient temperature −40 to +60°C
Max. height 4.000m above sea level
Wire cross section 2.5 mm2
Adjustment range Evening/morning hours 0–15 h/0–14 h | Night/day detection 2.5–10V/5.0–20.0V (adjust step 0.5/1.0V) | Day detection Night detection + 1.5V/3.0V
Wire length 20cm
Weight 625 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 88.5x112x41.4mm
Protection class IP68 (waterproof 1.5m , 72h)
Technical data dimming output Dimming value 0–100% output power (adjust step 10%) | Dimming output voltage 0–10V relative to battery minus | Impedance 1,000 Ohm
Max. PV input power 150W at 12V, 300W at 24V
Warranty 2 years

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