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Phocos CMLsolid 30

Phocos CMLsolid 30
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CMLsolid 30



Phocos CMLsolid 30 for 12/24V solar systems

PV solar charge controller 

The CMLsolid charge controller is the next stage in the development of the CML series. The controller is equipped with a number of outstanding features such as an aluminum housing, USB port, battery status display, alarm, and electronic protection against reverse battery polarity and reverse panel polarity. The temperature-compensated,four-stage PWM charging algorithm (float-main-boostequalization) is adjustable for sealed and vented lead-acid batteries. The CMLsolid also allows either a SOC or voltagecontrolled low-voltage disconnect. Battery status is clearly indicated via three LEDs, with an alarm for signaling a low-voltage disconnect.


  • Battery state-of-charge indication via 3 LEDs 
  • Load disconnect pre-warning via acoustic signal
  • Four-stage PWM charging algorithm with (integrated) temperature compensation (float, main, boost, and equalization charging)
  • Automatic 12/24 V detection
  • Large terminals: up to 16 mm2
  • SOC and voltage-controlled LVD
  • Full electronic protection
  • Aluminum housing (IP20)
  • Charger for external devices via USB port
  • Remote output connector for the Phocos inverter series

Example of standard PV diagram with

Phocos CML Series (or other PWM charge controller) optionally with

Phocos 230V-AV pure sine wave solar inverter

Standard PV solar diagram PV solar off-grid diagram based on pure sine wave inverter (230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz)
Example: standard PV solar diagram with Phocos PWM charge controller Example: standard PV solar diagram with Phocos PWM charge controller and an 230V-AV pure sine wave solar inverter

Main Components

Main Components



Phocos CMLsolid - Datasheet
Phocos CMLsolid - User Manual
Phocos CMLsolid - CE Certificate 

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