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Phocos CX40-48V Solar Charge Controller (24/48V)

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Phocos CX40-48V


Phocos CX40-48V Solar Charge Controller for 24/48V solar systems

PV solar charge controller


The Phocos CX48 Series offers outstanding features for its class: along with a PWM charge controller with integrated temperature compensation, the CX controller comes equipped with an extensive range of control, programming and safety functions. The battery charge status is continuously displayed via a bar graph, including the input and output current of the battery as well as the load status (e.g. overloading, load short circuiting). The deep discharge protection mode has 5 settings: two fixed voltages, two charging states or adaptive (for battery protection). An audible alarm and a programmable nightlight function are standard on all CX controllers.


  • LCD - Charge and discharge status display
  • Audible alert before load disconnect
  • Load status indication
  • Choose between 5 load disconnect algorithms
  • Four-stage PWM charging (series type)
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Full electronic protection

Example of PV off-grid diagrams

PV off-grid | standard solar diagram


PV off-grid | solar diagram with an Pure Sine Wave Inverter

24/48Vdc to 230Vac/50Hz

Phocos SI-Inverters controls automatically the LVD. Connecting the inverter to the CX controller enables individual settings of the LVD parameter (Low-Voltage-Disconnection)

Example: standard PV solar diagram with Phocos PWM charge controller Example: standard PV solar diagram with Phocos PWM charge controller and an 230V-AV pure sine wave solar inverter

Main Components

Main Components


Check the newest datasheets and certificates directly in the Phocos database

 Phocos CX48 - Datasheet
Phocos CX48 - User Manual
 Phocos CX48 - CE Certificate 

CXCOM software

CXCOM configuration software for CX-controllers, quick and easy view and configuration of individual load-time, system components and data-logger.

 CXCOM ver_V5.0_2011-09-02_0 software:
download (4.7MB)

 CXCOM manual PDF download (1.2MB)

 CXCOM installations guide VISTA PDF download (0.5MB)

 CXCOM installations guide WIN98/2000/XP PDF download (0.5MB)


Technical Data

Product Phocos CX48 20A | 40A
Type Charge Controller 24/48V
System Photovoltaic Systems
Function Overcharge Protection
Batteries GEL, AGM, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Charging Mode PWM
Nominal Voltage 24/48V automatic detection
Max. charge/load current 20A | 40A
Float charge 27.4/54.8V (25°C)
Main charge 28.8/57.6V (25°C), 30min. (daily)
Boost charge 28.8/57.6V (25°C), 2h activation: battery voltage < 24.6/49.2V
Equalization 29.6/59.2V (25°C), 2h activation: battery voltage <24.2/48.4V
Max. panel voltage 50V in 24V system | 95V in 48V sysem
Deep discharge protection State of charge dependent A: 22.8-23.8V/45.6-47.6V | B: 22.0-23.5V/44.0-47.0V | Voltage dependent A: 22/44V | B: 23/46V | Adaptive 22.0-24.4V/44.0-48.8V | Reconnect level 25.6/51.2V
Overvoltage protection 31.0/62.0V
Undervoltage protection 21.0/42V
Temperature compensation -50 mV/K at 24V | -100 mV/K at 48V
Self consumption < 10mA
Grounding positive grounding
Ambient temperature −20 to +50°C
Max. height 4.000m above sea level
Wire cross section =< 16 mm2
Weight 348g | 365g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 110x92x58 mm
Protection class IP22
Warranty 2 years

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