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Phocos CXNsolid50 Solar Charge Controller (12/24/48V)

Phocos CXNsolid 50 Charge Controller
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Phocos CXNsolid50


Phocos CXNsolid50 Solar Charge Controller for 12/24/48V solar systems

PV solar charge controller, with negative grounding (on the "-" line)


The CXNsolid is a programmable solar charge controller with negative grounding. In addtion to perfect PWM regulation with integrated temperature compensation, the controller provides extraordinary display, programming, and safety functions. In order to increase its accuracy, CXNsolid is equipped with an external temperature sensor. The battery state of charge is clearly displayed using an LED bar graph. The deep discharge protection function can be set to up to 2 different modes: voltage-controlled or SOC-controlled. Acoustic warnings (e. g. load disconnect) are built-in.


  • Multifunction LC display shows system status
  • User friendly configuration interface with keys
  • LEDs display the battery state of charge
  • Flexible load disconnect algorithms
  • Temperature-compensated four-stage PWM series charging regulation
  • Automatic 12/24/48 V detection
  • External temperature sensor
  • Remote output terminal for the Phocos inverter series
  • Optional USB interface (MXI + CXLink)
  • Aluminum housing (IP20)
  • Data logger (2 years)

Example of standard PV diagram with

Phocos CXN Series (or other PWM charge controller) optionally with

Phocos 110/230V off-grid pure sine wave solar inverter

Standard PV solar diagram PV solar diagram with an Pure Sine Wave Inverter (230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz)
Example: standard PV solar diagram with Phocos PWM charge controller Example: standard PV solar diagram with Phocos PWM charge controller and an 230V-AV pure sine wave solar inverter

Main Components

Main Components


 Phocos CXNsolid - Datasheet
Phocos CXNsolid - User Manual
Phocos CXNsolid - CE Certificate

CXCOM software

CXCOM configuration software for CX-controllers, quick and easy configuration of individual load-time and system components.

 CXCOM ver_V5.0_2011-09-02_0 software:
download (4.7MB)
 CXCOM manual PDF download (1.2MB)
 CXCOM installations guide VISTA PDF download (0.5MB)
 CXCOM installations guide WIN98/2000/XP PDF download (0.5MB)


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