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Phocos ECO-T-MPPT 85/16 Solar charge controller, MPPT (12/24V)

Phocos ECO-T-MPPT 85/16
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Phocos ECO-T-MPPT 85/16


Phocos ECO-T-MPPT  85/16 for 12/24V solar systems
Solar charge controller, MPPT, 12/24V, 16A, max panel 85V, terminals

PV solar charge controller 

With innovative precision maximum power point tracking technology, this Phocos charge controller ensures maximum performance and yield from all types of solar systems – yearround. The use of MPPT technology can contribute to a considerable boost in energy output from PV modules (up to 30% more).

At the same time, the temperature-compensated, three-stage I-U curve charge control algorithm significantly extends battery lifespan. PV panels that are primarily designed for grid connected systems (60 cell modules) can now also be used in 12 and 24 V DC systems. The ECO-T-MPPT charge controller optimally charges 12 V batteries with one (1) 60 cell module and 24 V batteries with two (2) 60 cell modules series wired. Three LED indications: charge status, SOC or LVD, overload/ short circuit at load.



  • Outstanding system efficiency (max. 98%) thanks to integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking technology (MPPT)

  • Four-stage charging algorithm with integrated temperature compensation

  • Maximizes power output & reduces system costs

  • IP68 casing, IP21 terminals

  • Auto-protect function: voltage disconnect increase reliability

  • Compatible with 60 cell PV modules 

  • 12/24 V DC systems

  • IP68 (casing) IP21 (contacts)

Example of standard PV diagram with

Phocos CXN Series (or other PWM charge controller) optionally with

Phocos 110/230V off-grid pure sine wave solar inverter

Standard PV solar diagram PV solar diagram with an Pure Sine Wave Inverter (230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz)
Example: standard PV solar diagram with Phocos PWM charge controller Example: standard PV solar diagram with Phocos PWM charge controller and an 230V-AV pure sine wave solar inverter

Main Components

Main Components


Phocos ECO-T-MPPT 85/16 - Datasheet
Phocos ECO-T-MPPT 85/16 - User Manual
Phocos ECO-T-MPPT 85/16 - CE Certificate 


Technical Data

Product Phocos ECO-T-MPPT 85/16
Type MPPT Solar Charge Controller
System Photovoltaic Systems
Function Compatible with 60 cell PV modules
Batteries GEL, AGM, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Charging Mode PWM
Nominal Voltage 12/24V automatic detection
Max. charge/load current 16A
Max. PV input power 250W @ 12V, 500W @ 24V
Min. PV voltage 17/34V
Float charge 13.8/27.6V (25°C)
Main charge 14.4/28.8V (25°C) 30min (daily)
Boost charge 14.4/28.8V (25°C) 2h activation: battery voltage <12.3/24.6V
Max. panel voltage 85V (Voc)
Deep discharge protection Cut-off voltage 11–12V/22–24V | Reconnect level 12.8/25.6V
Overvoltage protection 15.5/31.0V
Undervoltage protection 10.5/21.0V
Temperature compensation -25 mV/K at 12V | -50 mV/K at 24V
Self consumption 15mA at 12V| 8mA at 24V
Grounding common positive pole (for grounding purposes)
Ambient temperature −40 to +60°C
Max. height 4.000m above sea level
Wire cross section 16 mm2
Weight 1100 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 147x90x31mm
Protection class IP68
Warranty 2 years

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