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Phocos MTS | External Temperature Sensor for MCU

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Phocos MTS


Phocos MTS External Temperature Sensor for MCU

The MTS is an external temperature sensor specifically designed for the use in PV off-grid and PV hybrid-systems. It is an accessory for the innovative Modular Power Managent (MPM) family from Phocos. The MTS can be integrated when the Phocos MCU is available in the system design. All components within the MPM family are equipped with internal temperature compensation. Should the temperature at the battery bank be significantly different from the temperature at the MPM components, MTS can be used to measure battery temperature and optimize the battery calculation.


The installation of the MTS is quick and easy thanks to the simple connection and the robust mounting design. The temperature sensor is installed directly to the battery and is connected via RJ-11 plug to any free bus port on MPM. The MTS works reliably and accurately within a specified temperature range of –40°C to +80°C. The integration of this temperature sensor ensures precise regulation by MPM at all times, thus, extending battery lifetime.


  • Compatible with modular power Management (MPM)
  • Robust design (IP 54)
  • Simple assembly
  • Wide temperature range
  • Optimizes battery calculation

Diagram of Phocos MTS temp sensor for MCU

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Phocos MTS temp sensor for MCU diagram




 Phocos MTS - Datasheet
 Phocos MTS - User Manual
 Phocos MTS - CE Certificate
 Phocos MPM System - Overview DIP switch settings in Modular Components MPS, MPPT i MCU

Technical Data

Product Phocos MTS
Type External Temperature Sensor for MCU
System Photovoltaic Systems
Function Measure battery temperature and optimizing the battery calculation
Self consumption < 10mA
Ambient temperature −40 to +80°C
Wire length 6m
Weight 122 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 38x20x15 mm
Protection class IP54
Measurement accuracy +/-1°C
Interface Phocos MPM-Bus

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