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Phocos SI350 Pure Sine Solar nverterr for 12/24V to 230V/50Hz

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Phocos SI350-12230



Phocos SI350
Pure Sine Solar Inverter 350W, 12/24V to 110/230V

350Wac Pure Sine Wave off-grid Inverter for 12/24Vdc to 230Vac/50Hz (opt. 110V/60Hz)


This new product line of inverters converts 12V-DC or 24V-DC energy from battery (within an PV Off-Grid system) into clean, stable 110V-AC or 230V-AC power, that is ideal for powering demanding home appliances. Phocos inverters are designed for high efficiency. Integrated advanced microprocessor technology combined with pure sine wave output makes them the perfect choice for use with high-end electronics and electrical equipment. Thanks to their low weight and long lifespan, the SI series is also ideal for mobile and outdoor applications (e.g. RVs, cars, and many more).

An extra advantage: THD < 3 %. As a special, high-performance benefit, Phocos True Sine Wave Inverters offer a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of less than 3 percent, providing top performance and superior efficiency. Overload, short circuit, DC over/under voltage, and overheating protection are standard on all models (350/700/1500W). Now, even typical home appliances (supplied from AC outlets) can be powered by small solar home systems (12-48 voltage range).


  • Input/output fully isolated for increased application flexibility
  • Input / output protected against over- and undervoltage
  • Low power saving mode <1 W (350 W) boosts system efficiency and reduces costs
  • Advanced microprocessor optimizes operation processes while reducing energy consumption
  • Certified for mobile applications (RVs, cars, and others)
Please choose one of the available DC input and AC output parameters. Within the SI-350 series are 4 different devices available, separately for specific parameter (12V/110V, 24/110V, 12V/230V, 24V/230V). See product data-sheet.

Phocos SI 350W (12/24Vdc to 110/230Vac)

Diagram of the pure-sine-wave inverter, within an PV Off-Grid system.


Technical Data

PV Inverter Phocos SI-350W for 12/24V to 110/230V Pure Sine Wave (PV off-grid systems)
AC Rated Power 350 W
AC Surge Power 700 W (6 seconds)
DC Input 12V/24V-DC
DC Input voltage range 12V system: 10.5-16.0V-DC | 24V system: 21-32V-DC
DC Shut down (low battery) 12V system: 10.5V | 24V system: 21V
DC Shut down (high battery) 12V system: 16V | 24V system: 32V
AC Output 110V or 230V
AC Output Socket 110V/230V Universal
Efficiency at rated V-DC (full load) 90-93% (depend on input/output parameters, for details see data-sheet)
AC Regulation +/- 3%
AC Frequency 50/60 +/-0,1%
Protections Overload, Short Circuit, DC over/under Voltage, over Temperature
Waveform True Sine Wave
Power factor cos Ø -90° to +90°
Operating temperature -20 to +40
Storage temperature -30 to +70
Max. humidity operating 90%
Safety standards Meet UL458
Cooling Load (temperature controlled fan)
Reverse polarity protection No, will result in permanent damage
Remote control unit CR-6 available optionally (not for model SI 350)
Dimensions 210 x 160 x 73 mm (1.6kg)
Warranty 2 years producer warranty

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