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Solar Water Heater NADO 500V2-140 (Buffer)

Solar Water Heater NADO 500V2-140 (Buffer)
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Solar water heater NADO 500V2-140 (140L internal, enameled, buffer)

Buffer solar heater for supporting home heating (see diagram below)

NADO heaters are designed for heating the usable water as well as supporting the central heating. The internal tank is designed for heating the usable water. It is protected agains corrosion by a layer of ceramic enamel. The outside tank is designed for heating the heating water.

The heaters have a coil of heat exchange surface 1,5m2, which cooperates with the solar collectors. On the outside the heater is insulated with polyurethane foam (100mm thick). The insulation is delivered in a separate package and should be put on after placing the heater in the place of montage.

Example of thermal solar diagram, for supporting home heating and swimming pool.

(from our Solar-Diagram Gallery)


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