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Thermal Solar Collector EBORX Eco Classic 2.0

Thermal Solar Collector EBORX Eco Classic 2.0
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Eco Classic 2.0


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 Eco Friendly - saving natural resources User Friendly - no maintenance needed 


Thermal Solar Collectors

EBORX Eco Classic 2.0 | Efficiency 80.2%

High performance, very solid construction, excellent price.

Eco Classic 2.0 is an thermal solar collector for heating water. Is an flat plate solar collector, which has been successfully tested by the Swiss SPF Solar Institute 
(Test-Report C944LPEN). One of the advantages is the high optical efficiency, rated by the SPF Institute for over 80%. That means in practice: high performance and excellent energy yields even at cloudy weather. Another advantage is the extreme durability and solid construction that is very important for long-standing and problem-free usage.

ultrasonically welded copper BlueTec absorber of a harp type, covered with a selective layer of titanium-nitride oxides (absorption 95%).

full aluminum frame
 painted in RAL 7022 (dark grey) thermally insulated with mineral wool, the construction is free of screwed and plastic elements, therefore very solid and stable for years.

structural tempered low-iron glass with high solar radiation transmittance coefficient (91,6%, class U1) and very resistant against high loads.

¾” male thread connections
 (4x end-cap ¾” screw connections), simple and easy to connect with copper, stainless steel or other solar dedicated pipe systems with ¾”-screws standard (memo: up to 5 collector we recommend to use Ø18mm pipes, for more then 5 collectors Ø22mm pipes).

The best we have, the best we can offer.

The advantage of applying high selective absorber is emission at the level of 5%, which is about 5% lower than the black chrome coating. This is why the Eco Classic 2.0 is characterized by higher overall efficiency compared e.g. to SLP-Collectors (black chrome) within the offered solar collector product family.

The production process is ISO-9001 certified and based on over 20 years experience in manufacturing solar collectors, according the highest technology and production requirements. We are proud to say that "Made in Poland" nowadays stands for: solid products and attractive pricing. The price-performance ratio, also in this case is the best we can offer.

All offered solar collectors have unified dimensions and 3/4" connecting-screw standard and are compatible with dedicated mounting systems (see below under "Related Products").


Example of basic diagram in thermal solar systems

Example of standard thermal solar diagram with solar collectors available in

Construction of flat plate solar collector Eco Classic 2.0/KS2000-TLP/TLP-AC/SLP

TiNOX and BlueTec absorber are equivalent, see SPF institute certificate




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