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Solar Group ZPS-18E

Solar Group ZPS-18E
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Solar Group ZPS-18 (up to 12 collectors)

 Heat transfer fluid circulation pump
 Flow rate controller
 Air separator with a manual vent
 Safety valve
 Ball valve 
 Reciprocal and isolating valves
 Solar controller G422 with LCD touch sensor display
 Up to 17 programmes available.

This solar group is full automatic solar pump with integrated control unit. Dedicated for thermal solar systems and all collectors type. Flow rate range from 4 to 18dm³/min enables habdling up to 12 collectors (Ref. flow rate for 1 collector amount 1.5dm³/min). Integrated LCD full automatic and multilanguage control unit G422, meets alle latest security and performance requirements, such as variable speed pump control (50-100%) for best energy yields also under bad weather conditions. Menu available in 11 languages:  ENG/DE/IT/FR/NL/PL/PT/ES/CZ/SK/RU. The controller can accommodate up to 4 temperature sensors (are included), depending on the selected installation solar diagram, 17 programmes are available. Controll unit G422 can also control external devices including additional pumps, conventional heat sources, etc. All components are enclosed into an aesthetic casing made of polypropylene foam.

How to calculate proper flow rate of solar fluid within the solar group ?

Here we go: calculate flow rate of 1.5dm3/minute per 1x solar collector. For 5 solar collectors the required minimal flow rate of solar fluid will be 7.5dm3/minute (1.5 x 5 = 7.5). And a 18dm3/min Solar-Group will be the correct one, up to maximal 12 solar collectors (18dm3 / 1.5 flow rate = 12 solar collectors).

Calculations applies for all offered solar collectors (Eco Classic 2.0 / SLP/ TLP / TLP-AC).

Example of solar diagram and placement of solar group. 


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