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Thermal Solar Collectors

SPF-Institute tested

Complete thermal solar kits for Hot Water  |  Central Heating

Characteristics of offered solar collectors:

  • The solar collector EcoClassic 2.0 is tested by the SPF Institute, but without Solar Keymark certificate, thus ideal choice for economic solutions, when the Solar Keymark certificate is not needed.

Diagrams of thermal solar systems

Solar Collectors

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Thermal Solar Collector EBORX Eco Classic 2.0
SPF Institute Test Report (C944LPEN)
Optical Efficiency 80.2%
Absorber: Copper / High Selective (BlueTec)
Welding: Ultrasonic Technology
Casing: Full Aluminium, Gray Coated (RAL7022)
Gross Area 2.0 m2, Absorber 1.8 m2
Operating Pressure Max 6 Bar, Stagnation Temp. 219°C 
Dimensions 2018x1037x89mm, Weight 39kg
Producer Warranty: 10 Years.
Net Price: 365,04 €

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