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No Experiments!

Quality comes from Experience

EBORX Ltd., operator of is since 2007 within the photovoltaics and solar market, on high quality focused company. Committed to providing our customers with professional services that meet and exceed requirements and expectations. Quality comes from experience and is directly linked to customers satisfaction. We understand very well that highest quality products and customers satisfaction creates our significant competitive advantage.

In a complicated world of electricity, photovoltaics and solar systems our motto is: the simpler the system, the better. Our core of competence lies in the industrial applications without experiments. Within the wide range of PV and solar products, we offer selected components and solutions, with solid and proven durability in long-term operation. That is the key point.

It is duty of our entire staff, to ensure that our quality policy is implemented and the needs of our customers are met. Our quality policy ensures that our Partners and Customers achieve the highest levels in all aspects within the solar business. Which we understand as great future, technology serving the enviroment.


We offer well selected and proven industrial solutions, which enable high returns from investments in renewable energy. Based on experience and knowledge, our great capital.


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