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Thermal solar systems (complete kits)

For hot water, supporting floor heating and swimming pools

For 2-4 Persons   3-5 Persons   4-6 Persons   5-7 Persons   Supporting central heating

Sizing thermal solar systems:

  • Define your needs for hot water per day, usually around 75L per person (solar standard), then in a 4-persons household 300L solar water-tank (boiler) is needed. The bigger the water-tank, the bigger your savings.
  • For every 100L in solar water tank, calculate 1x solar collector (ca. 2m2). Then for 300L solar-heater 3x solar collectors are needed, for 500L/5x solar collectors and etc. Applies for systems with southern exposure and 45° inclination (optimal exposure).

Diagrams of thermal solar systems

→ Kit for Solar Central Heating

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Thermal Solar Kit 7.30kWp 5x Eco Classic + NADO500


Collector mounting area: 10,45m²

Certificates: SPF Test Report  

Solar collectors: 5x Eco Classic (80% efficiency)

Water Heater: 500L buffor, enameled

System: supporting home heating

Accessories: solar group, pressure vessel, solar fluid, connectors, masking strap 

Warranty: collectors 10 years, heater 5 years.

Net Price: Fr. 4'184.62

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