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Isolated 3-phases PV solar string inverters (400V/50Hz)

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The isolated inverters are optimized, for any applications which require separate PV array grounding with HF transformer (such as some thin-film modules). Isolated inverters operates in all countries and regions with specific field-configurable set-ups, available with world-wide country grid codes and multilanguage display menu.

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Isolated (with HF Transformer)

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ABB PVI 12.0-I-OUTD (S) isolated
The ABB 3P isolated (transformer) inverters are 08.2015 discontinued.
We have 1x unit available (new originally packed, in 2017 about 8 years ABB warranty).
3-phases 12kW isolated PV string inverter
Available models: Basic and S version
AC output power: 12.000W (max. 12.500W)
AC output voltage: 400V/50Hz (adjustable)
DC input max voltage: 520V
DC input max power: 6.800W (for each MPPT) 
Efficiency: 97.3%, 2x independent MPPT, MC4, IP65, RS485
HF Transformer, for negative grounded generators (aSi)
Dimensions: 716x645x222mm, 45.8kg
Warranty: 5 years (extendable).
Net Price: 3 800,00 €

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